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Museums in the Province of Parma

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Museo di Torrechiara - Abito Manon LescautA guidebook the system of museums within the territory with 39 structures, 8 itineraries, further detail and information.

Cartoguida dei Musei della provincia di Parma - fronteCartoguida dei Musei della provincia di Parma - retro



June 19, 2010: Elio Pandolfi

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Elio PandolfiJune 19, 2010

Elio Pandolfi, who is a historian and an authority on opera music and who in particular deeply appreciated the Art of Renata Tebaldi, on June the 19th, 2010 will present a “guided visit” throughout the halls of the Castle of Torrechiara, where you can find ample testimony of the life of the woman and of the Artist Tebaldi.
The initiative by this actor, who greatly loved and admired Renata, should be particularly interesting.  Other similar initiatives by personalities of the world of music, of entertainment , of journalism who by there presence wish to celebrate the memory of one this Artist who was one of the most famous Italian Artists in the world, will follow.


The route: The Castle- House in Langhirano -Tebaldi Chapel

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Renata Tebaldi Casa Langhirano

The 30th of April, 2010 

Renata’s Mother, Giuseppina Barbieri, was from Langhirano, a town  20 kilometres from Parma.  She met Teobaldo,  Renata’s father, at Langhirano, where he had been sent as a convalescent after having wounded his leg. Teobaldo, in fact, belonged to a detachment of the Second Regiment of Grenadiers situated there.  The two fell in love at first sight.

The Barbieri family had always been the postmasters at Langhirano.  There were uncles, aunts, cousins, friends.  So Langhirano became the home town of Renata Tebaldi.
At Langhirano Renata lived in the house in Piazza Garibaldi, and is burried in the family chapel in the Cemetery of Mattaleto.

Map of the route: Castle – House in Langhirano – Tebaldi Chapel at the cemetery 


The Inauguration of the Exhibition “A castle for the Queen”

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Inaugurazione Mostra

The 27th of February, 2010 – Torrechiara Castle – Langhirano 

On the 27th of February, 2010 at the Castle of Torrechiara, with the conclusion of the restorative works, the Exhibition Renata Tebaldi “A Castle for a Queen” was re-opened.

The exhibition is further  enhanced by a huge canopy bed which reminds us of the setting of Othello and includes a display of  other costumes of Renata Tebaldi including one by Mario del Monaco.  There is also a board with some of the important personal jewels of Renata Tebaldi.

See the brochure on the Exhibition: Page 1 - Page 2

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