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The Tebaldi Rose at the Botanical Garden of Castle Trauttmansdorff

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September 5, 2011

The rose  created for Renata Tebaldi in 1987 by Georges Delbard with a religious ceremony in the presence of Renata.

The originally button shaped flower lengthens to take the form of a tulip when it opens.  Its solid red-orange colours are uniform and bright, and the rose has a delicate perfume.

Also in 1987, the Tebaldi Rose was planted in the Bagatelle rose garden, located in the “Bois de Boulogne” at Paris, with an official ceremony and reception held in the presence of Madam Chirac.

We have requested that the Tebaldi Rose be united with the other roses planted in the Botanical Garden of Trauttmansdorff Castle which is considered to be the largest and most important of Europe.


The park of Nicolò Tomaseo Square is dedicated to Renata

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July 19, 2011

Thanks to the solicitude of the Municipal Administration of Milan, on the 19th of July, 2011, at Milan, the  Managing Director of Cultural Services, Stefano Boeri, dedicated the beautiful garden in  Nicolò Tomasseo Square to Renata Tebaldi.  Renata Tebaldi had adopted Milan as her city from the time of her debut at the “Scala”.  Now in this garden,  among its beautiful flowers,  her name will re-live, pride and glory of an Italy and a Milan that don’t forget.



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Il Quaderno Fabriano su Renata Tebaldi In 1956 at Stratford the Renata Tebaldi Square is  inaugurated.

In 1965 at no. 6628 Hollywood Boulevard at Los Angeles the star Renata shines in the  “Walk of Fame”.

May 9, 2007, Lyon
The “Senateur-maire” of Lyon Monsieur Gèrard Collomb in collaboration with the European Union  completes  an ambitious and innovative  urban project, which will become the emblem of Lyon, a metropolis  open to the world.  Lyon celebrates 12 women of Europe by dedicating a length of the bank of the Rodano to each of them – twelve European women who , through their great identity,  contributed to holding  European Culture high.  The Italian woman chosen was Renata Tebaldi.

The project named 150 Italians promoted by Fabriano was  created to celebrate those Italians to whom we are grateful.  During the year 2010, the Italian people of today voted for the Italians of yesterday on the site www.150italiani.it .They voted for all those Italian men and women  from all walks of life who have been a good example and who are worthy of being remembered.
Many of these we remember as true national heroes  or others are outstanding members of the world of cinema or theatre, of  television or of music.
Each has left in us a memory and  designed a particular period of Italian History.

150  exceptional Italians of the last 150 years :   Italy has been the Birthplace of many personalities of whom she can be proud,  from producers of everyday  and universal  objects like the brugola or the Bic  ball point Pen, to the Nobel Prizes Winners for Chemistry or Literature , from the Oscars of the world of Cinema to famous  editors, to the world of mathematics, to the world of Industry, of journalism, of music,  to the Fathers of the Constitution and of Europe , but the choice has been made.
The 150 Italians who received the highest number of votes have become the protagonists of the new set of notebooks realised by Fabriano Botique. For the  world of music together with Mascagni and Puccini the only woman chosen is  Renata Tebaldi.


Diary from the Castle: video and images from Torrechiara

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October 23, 2010: “Listz, Michelangelo, Dante”  Incontro con Vittorio Sgarbi e Nazzareno Carusi


October 16, 2010: Incontro con Philippe Daverio: “vissi d'arte...”

October 9, 2010: Elio Pandolfi (voce) Marco Scolastra (pianoforte)

“un dì felice, eterea mi balenaste innante...”
Ricordi personali di Renata Tebaldi e del mondo dell’Opera

September 11, 2010: Serata con Carla Fracci

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