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Twin ship between Milan and the Government of St. Petersburg

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August – September, 2007

The 40th Anniversary of the twin ship between the municipality of Milan and the government of St. Petersburg was officially celebrated with the presentation of the “Renata Tebaldi – “ Profonda e Infinita” (“Profound and Infinite”) Exhibition from August 28 – September 28, at the Sheremetyev Museum at St Petersburg.



The Urban Project of Lyon

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May 9, 2007, Lyon

The “Senateur-maire de Lyon”, Monsieur Gèrard Collomb in collaboration with the European Union realized an ambitious and innovative urban project which will become the emblem of Lione, a metropolis open to the world.  It pays homage to 12 European women by dedicating to each one of them a tract of the  Rhone River bank:  12 women who have contributed with their strong identity to the upholding of European culture in the world.

for Great Britain: Dame Ellen MacArthur
for Germany: Marlene Dietrich
for Spain: Clara Campoamor
for Italy: Renata Tebaldi
for Portugal: Amalia Rodrigues
for Belgium: Astrid La Reini
for Holland: Aletta Jacobs
for Greece: Melina Mercouri
for Poland: Marie Sklodowska-Curie
for Denmark: Karen Blixen
for Sweden: Anna Lindh
for Austria: Bertha von Suttner

The project is illustrated in the attached document.


Donations to the Scala Theatre of Milan

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Ritratto di Renata Tebaldi di U. SartiniFebruary 2, 2007, Milan

Ernestina Viganò donates a portrait of Renata Tebaldi to the Scala Theatre of Milan, commissioned to the artist Ulisse Sartini and exposed in the Hall of great personalities.

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