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The Woman

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In treno per Parigi 1951Renata Tebaldi is one of the most celebrated “stars” of the 1900s and at the same time is one of the “public persons” whose privacy was defended most strenuously. 

Renata Tebaldi was happy, she suffered, loved, made choices, like all human beings, but, though tempted as you can possibly imagine, she never gave gossip a chance.

Her life as a musician was full of continuous triumphs.  She was the idle of  irreducible fans, fought over by the most important theatres of the world, but proverbially, she conceded herself to the chronicles with extreme parsimony where her artistic life was not concerned.

Renata Tebaldi, during an intense and particularly exposed life met with reciprocate love and  with delusions, carefree moments and bad days , gratifying rewards and unpleasant contrasts:  like everyone she lived the world of her time to the full but of herself she gave the highest, unrepeatable expression of the Art of song and for herself jealously reserved the stages of her life as a woman.