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The Committee

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The committee promoting “Renata Tebaldi” expresses and carries out the desire to perpetuate in time the memory of the contribution this great Italian singer gave to the knowledge and spread of music, and in particular opera, during her long career. Hers was a long career, recognized as being one of the most important of our times.
The Renata Tebaldi Committee in 2005, together with the foundation of the Regio Theatre of Parma, co-produced The “Renata Tebaldi profonda e infinita” Exhibition (“Renata Tebaldi - Profound and Infinite”). The exhibition is a traveling exhibition . It covers the life and career of Renata Tebaldi and illustrates to the public of today the artistic course of a Musician loved and celebrated as being one of the highest expressions of Italianism in the world of the opera. The exhibition has been taken to many important theatres; among others the Scala Theatre of Milan , the Massimo Theatre in Palermo, the Liceu in Barcellona, the LausanneOpera, the Sheremetiev Palace in St. Petersburg and the Stanislavskij Theatre in Moscow. The exhibition is continuing this year in the San Carlo Theatre in Naples, the Opera of Lyon, the Gopzevich Palace in Trieste, and, in the immediate future it will be taken to Bilbao, Madrid, Beijing etc...

A “Castello per la Regina” (“Castle for the Queen”) is the realization of an ambitious project that aims at organizing a permanent museum site for the Exhibition in the splendid Torrechiara Castle (Langhirano, Parma.) where the splendid, unique and extremely rich inheritance of stage costumes, photographs, jewels, music scores, awards and documents made available by Ernestina Viganò, witness the life and the career of Renata Tebaldi, will be put on exhibit. On the 14th of October, 2008, the Renata Tebaldi Committee signed a Memorandum of Intent with the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape of the province of Parma and Piacenza, the Regio Theatre Foundation and the Municipality of Langhirano with the objective of institutionalizing the exhibition/museum at the castle.

The committee intends, besides, to promote and coordinate cultural, scientific and artistic initiatives, in collaboration with other Organizations so as to make the Castle a seat of prestigious national and international events.

To organize studies, productive and popular research activities together with the university system, as well as research connected to the life of musical culture in general and in particular to what Renata Tebaldi gave to the world of opera.

To care for and valorize, from a cultural point of view, the objects that are exhibited . To make them interesting from an artistic and historical point of view and available to the public in a way that guarantees their best possible conservation.

To organize events and activities connected to particular aspects of the articles exhibited, such as for example, operations of recovery and restoration.

The Renata Tebaldi Committe is cataloguing all the photographic material, papers, journalistic material, bibliographic material, clothing and respective accessories, as well as all the relics which once belonged to Renata Tebaldi .

Prof. Paolo Isotta

Giovanna Colombo

Josè Rosellò Prats

Fondatori e Aderenti:
Carlo Bergonzi
Angela Biggio
Montserrat Caballè
Avv. Carlo Cerami
Connie De Caro 
Placido Domingo
Mirella Freni
Judith Goldberg-Apy
Marilyn Horne
Eugene Kohn
Miguel Lerin
Cristina Mazzavillani
Aprile Millo
Riccardo Muti
Magda Oliviero 
Marisa Plack
Dionne Russell
Giannino Tenconi
Oliviero Toscani
Ernestina Viganò